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4WD Tracks NSW: 4x4 Camping & Touring Advice

At Offroad Tour King, we've personally explored some of the most amazing 4WD Tracks NSW (and the rest of Australia) has to offer. Whether you're a seasoned 4x4 traveller, or looking for advice on your very first camping adventure, you'll benefit from our years of experience touring this big, beautiful country.

4WD Tracks & Touring Advice

Is your car capable? Will your camper survive the trip?

Inadequate preparations and equipment can turn 4WD touring from a grand adventure to a disaster. At Offroad Tour King, we have extensive experience travelling Australia's rugged 4WD tracks, across NSW, Queensland, Tasmania and beyond. We can help you make the right decisions about your next big trip.

Offroad-Ready Vehicles & Trailers

Cars, trailers and campers have different capacities for touring, even if the manufacturer claims they are offroad ready. Let us know where you're headed, and we can provide the advice you need to make sure that your 4x4 and camper/trailer are up to the challenge.

Do you not have exactly what you need? Have a look at our 4x4 fabrications and modifications to see how we can customise your 4WD, camper or trailer with the extra protection and versatility required for serious four wheel drive adventures.

Recovery Points and Techniques

Off-road driving means rugged terrain and unpredictable conditions, so understanding recovery techniques and equipment is a must for 4WD touring. An alarming number of people don't understand the difference between a recovery point and a tie-down point, and the consequences can be catastrophic!

We will help you evaluate your vehicle's recovery points to make sure that they won't let you down when it matters. We'll also provide the advice you need to perform a safe recovery in all sorts of conditions. And, if your 4x4 isn't prepared for safe recovery, we can fabricate custom recovery points to make sure your trip doesn't end in disaster.

Destination Options

If you're wondering which 4WD tracks will suit you and your family, we're here to help. From snowy mountains to sand dunes, we know where to find the best 4WD camping NSW can provide. We can also inform you on the equipment and driving skills required to make the trip!

Whether you're new to touring, or an experienced camper looking for your next adventure, our extensive 4WD touring experience will point you in the right direction.

Planning Your Trip

Proper planning can save many a holiday from disaster. Whether it's managing your travel time or making sure your bases are covered in a emergency, you'll benefit by taking advantage of our extensive 4x4 touring experience. We'll provide the advice you need to take on Australia's best 4WD tracks with confidence!

Equipment & Accessories

We love 4WD tracks because every one is unique. Of course, that means they all have their own challenges and conditions! For the best 4x4 touring experience, come chat with us about the ideal equipment and accessories for your next adventure.

We'll give you expert advice about what you need to explore your chosen 4wd tracks, from clearance and suspension to tyres and guards. And if your vehicle isn't up to the task, our custom 4x4 fabrication service can take care of any modifications you may need.

Family Camping Advice

Not sure about where to go? Not sure what you need?

Camping can be a daunting proposition for those without experience, or the right gear. At Offroad Tour King, camping with our family is our passion, so we know how to get the best out of your trip. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you plan a trip the whole family will love!

Sites to Visit

Not sure where your adventure should take you? We can point you towards anything from designated camp grounds with modern amenities, to the roughest of bush camping. Take advantage of our experience with National Parks, State Forests, 4wd tracks and more to pick out the ideal destination for your holiday.

Vehicles and Equipment

No matter where you're headed, the right equipment is essential to an enjoyable camping trip. Whether you're travelling for the first time, or upgrading a tried and tested setup, our experience can help you make the right choice. From fully-equipped new campers to custom 4x4 fabrications, we'll make sure you have the gear you need for a fantastic adventure!

Camping Restrictions and Rules

Before you take on your camping adventure, you'll need to familiarise yourself with rules and regulations surrounding your destination. Where are you allowed to camp in New South Wales State Forests? What about in a National Park? Which activities are restricted? Can you take the family dog?

We've camped everywhere from Cape York to the coast of Tasmania. We can provide expert advice on the rules and restrictions surrounding camping in NSW and across Australia, and help you find the right sources for more detailed information.

Camping Activities

The possibilities of touring and camping go beyond just enjoying the views. Is your family interested in fishing or boating? Swimming or bushwalking? Do you need a mix of activities for the whole family?

Sometimes you want a holiday packed with exciting activities, and sometimes you just want to hit the 4WD tracks and take in our spectacular countryside. Whether you're after thrills or relaxation, we can offer advice on destinations and seasonal activities that best suit your interests.