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4x4 Fabrications

Offroad Tour King are the Illawarra area's experts on custom 4x4 fabrications and modifications. We have the skills and experience to customise your 4WD, camper or caravan with whatever you can imagine. Add extra recovery points, custom tray modifications, sidebars and protection plates or your own unique ideas!

If you're searching Wollongong or the greater Illawarra area for custom 4x4 fabrications, you won't find better than Offroad Tour King. Call now and let us customise your perfect camping & touring machine!

As off road touring enthusiasts, we've seen just how demanding Australia's offroading conditions can be. We know how to create custom 4x4 fabrications that can stand up to those conditions and won't let you down. After all, they're what we rely on ourselves!

Our metal fabricators, welders and mechanics are fully qualified, and boast years of experience customising 4x4s and camper trailers. You can rely on us to carry out your vehicle customisations to the highest standards.

Example 4x4 Fabrications

Custom Recovery Points

Every experienced off-roader knows the value of custom engineered recovery points. Every vehicle needs recovery now and again, but you don't want to find out that your factory-supplied recovery points are inadequate after you get stuck in the mud. And you never want to desperate enough to try a recovery using tie-down points or tow bars!

Recovering your 4x4 can involve a tremendous amount of force, meaning failure can be dangerous or even lethal. That's why it's crucial to have recovery points fitted by a qualified, experienced tradesperson.

Our 4x4 fabrications include custom recovery points supplied and fitted to your 4WD. We will assess your individual vehicle, and determine the most suitable places to install safe, reliable recovery points.

Explore with confidence, knowing that you're prepared for safe recovery in any situation!

Protection & Plating

Want to get into some really rough terrain? Protect your vehicle with custom guards, underbody protection, side bars, rock sliders/rock bars, roll bars, and more. Our 4x4 fabrications include custom protection plates and bars to help your vehicle stand up to the harshest terrain.

With our experience, we can design and install protective 4x4 fabrications with the optimal balance of strength, lightness and looks. Take your vehicle wherever you want to go!

Canopies & Tray Modifications

4x4 utes offer a ton of potential for a custom touring setup. We can provide anything from a simple canopy to maximise storage space, to a completely custom tray. We've added canvas canopies, aluminium canopies, tool boxes, hidden wheel carriers, removable tray sides and more.

Whether you're after a little want secure storage or a fully-equipped offroad expedition vehicle, we can design and engineer the perfect tray modification for your needs.

Accessories & More

Whether you're interested in luxury touring or extreme offroading, we fabricate and install custom accessories and extras for whatever adventures you have in mind. Maximise your camping & touring opportunities with the perfect custom accessories for your travels!

  • Go the distance with long range fuel tanks, jerry cans & mounts, dual batteries and more.
  • Open up new terrain with suspension lift kits and custom protection.
  • Carry, tow and discover more with roof racks, towbars and custom storage modifications.

Innovative Ideas

Got something in mind that we haven't seen before? We'd love to take on whatever you can throw at us. With our expertise and experience, we can make your ideas a reality. Whatever you need from your touring vehicle, we'll create custom 4x4 fabrications that can stand up to the best Australia has to offer!

If you're sick of dealing with for "near enough", it's time to stop settling! Call Offroad Tour King for 4x4 fabrications that can take on whatever you want to throw at them. Contact us today to discuss the custom fabrications that will create your ideal 4x4 touring vehicle!

Quality Work by Qualified Tradies

Custom fabrications made by non-qualified builders are a risky proposition. You don't want to go out thinking you can rely on your protection plates or recovery points, and have them fail due to poor workmanship!

When you trust your 4x4 fabrications to Offroad Tour King, the work is being done by fully licensed and qualified welders, mechanics and metal fabricators. We know what we're doing, because our own vehicles depend on it! So if you want the benefit of qualified professionals who love off-roading as much as you do, make Offroad Tour King your first choice for custom 4x4 fabrications. You won't be disappointed!