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Camper & Caravan Repairs

Caused some damage on your adventures? Make Offroad Tour King your first choice for camper and caravan repairs. Located in Wollongong, NSW, we specialise in recreational vehicle (RV) repairs and maintenance. You can rely on us for all types of repair, including structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and more.

About an hour south of Sydney, our Wollongong workshop offers professional vehicle and caravan repairs to the Illawarra and Sydney region. With years spent repairing and modifying our own vehicles, our expertise has kept use safe across Australia and back. It's our passion and experience that make us a cut above the rest!

Caravans, Campers and More

Caravans and Motor Homes offer a relaxing holiday opportunity for the whole family. However, most aren't built for off-road exploring! If you've found your way into some rough terrain, chances are you're managed to wear out some of your components.

If your caravan or campervan has taken a beating, we have you covered. We repair a variety of camping and leisure vehicles including:

  • Caravans: Caravan camping is great for road tours, camp grounds and caravan parks. However, if you've had to take your caravan into more difficult terrain, there's a good chance it has suffered some damage on the way through. After a rough trip, let us service your caravan and make sure it's ready to get on the road again!
  • Camper Trailers: Much more rugged than caravans, quality campers can take a lot of off-road punishment. Of course, repairs and maintenance are still important to ensure that you camper will continue to serve. Consider a pre-trip inspection to avoid any potential disasters (and make sure that your camper is as "off-road ready" as the manufacturer promises)!
  • Campervans: With all the comforts of home, a camper van is comfortable and convenient, but definitely not made for wilderness travel. If you're forced to take on a rough road, your van will more than likely need some attention. For safety, you'll want to have an experienced repairer inspect your campervan after any difficult journey.
  • Motor Homes/RVs: The larger cousin of the campervan, these elaborate vehicles are definitely built for luxury, not exploration. It's easy to damage these bulky vehicles if you unexpectedly find yourself in poor conditions. If in doubt, be sure to have your motor home serviced before you go on your next trip!
  • 4WD/Offroad Vehicles: These are made for harsh conditions, but not all are created equal. Damage can often be caused by difficult vehicle recovery, or extreme offroading in a vehicle lacking the right extras or modifications. We can repair your 4x4, and provide recommendations on equipping yourself for future adventures.

Types of Repair

Our repair services include all the components of your caravan or trailer, from mechanical and structural to electrical and plumbing. Whether you need routine servicing and maintenance or critical repairs, our friendly camper and caravan repair service will have you back to your travels in no time.

  • Structural damage: Cracked chassis, loose bolts or rivets, body/underbody damage, etc.
  • Electronics: Short circuit, damaged wiring, generator faults, heating & air conditioning, etc.
  • Plumbing: Water pipes and storage tanks, sewage & drainage pipes, sceptic tanks, water heaters, etc.
  • Mechanical Repairs: Engine components, suspension, hoses & connections, generators, etc.

As camping enthusiasts, we're familiar with a wide range of makes and models, so you can rely on us for expert service. From leaky caravan seals to busted RV shocks, we can do it all!

Maintenance & Safety

Caravans and similar vehicles are unique because they include many features of a home, in addition to the features of a vehicle. That means it can be difficult for an inexperienced driver to assess them for faults. Will you be able to judge whether or not that rough trip has shaken your rivets loose? Can you spot when your shock absorbers are wearing out?

When in doubt, don't take any risks! Keep your holidays safe by following up any rough journey with a post-trip inspection, and repairing any problems before they become dangerous.

Fully Licensed Camper & Caravan Repairs

When you have a big trip planned, you don't want to risk relying on an unqualified mechanic! We pride ourselves on being NSW licensed motor vehicle repairers and qualified industry tradespeople. We hold all necessary insurance and documentation to be New South Wales accredited repairers. Whether your vehicle needs a routine service or dramatic repairs, you can rest easy knowing that our camper, motor home and caravan repairs are fully covered.

Your Passion is Our Passion

We specialise in repairing recreational vehicles like caravans, camper trailers and 4x4s because that's what we love. We've been touring the rugged Australian countryside for years, so we know the extent of what can happen on and off the road.

If you want the best in camper and caravan repairs, contact us on (02) 4272 1731 and enjoy the benefit of our genuine experience. We've seen it all, so we can fix it all!