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Pre & Post-Trip Vehicle Inspections

One of our many services at Offroad Tour King is vehicle and trailer inspection before and/or after your big trip.

If you want to make sure your holiday goes smoothly, give yourself peace of mind by having us perform complete inspection of your 4WD, camper trailer or other touring vehicle. We can also give expert advice on your particular vehicle's offroading ability, offer travel suggestions and help you out with new components or modifications.

Just gotten back from a rough trip? Not sure if your vehicles have been damaged? Our expert post-trip inspection will reveal any damage your vehicle may have suffered, so you can fix little problems before they become big ones. For any damage you may have done, we also offer fully licensed vehicle repair services.

Our thorough inspections incorporate not only mechanical components, but also those parts affected by off road touring, such as accessories mountings and connections, accessory wiring, towing components and structural fatigue. We specialise in the 4x4 aspects of your vehicle, so you can rest easy knowing that your off-road vehicle will live up to its label!