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Camper Trailers

Offroad Tour King are the Wollongong and Illawarra area agents for ModCon Campers. Designed in Australia, ModCon's quality camper trailers are built tough for Australian 4x4 touring, while still offering all the comfort and features you expect.

  • Ready for Anything: We sell true off-road ready camper trailers, designed from the ground up for Australia's rugged countryside. They'll go wherever your adventures take you!
  • Quick & Easy Setup: These hard-floor campers set up in a few minutes, even with only one person. You'll be ready to relax only minutes after arriving!
  • Packed with Features: That compact exterior hides a full-size innerspring mattress, fold-out kitchen, heaps of storage space, and more. You'll be amazed at how much comfort you can tow in one small trailer.

We can personally attest to the quality and durability of these campers. Yes, we own and use one of these ourselves! We're not just another on-seller. These campers have proven themselves to us across Australia, from Cape York to Tasmania. They have handled everything we could throw at them, from the Old Tele Track to the Rugged West Coast of Tassie, and everything in between.

We're confident these are the best built and most reliable camper trailers you can find!

Our Camper Trailers

ModCon International QUATTRO

Camper Trailers - ModCon Quattro
ModCon International QUATTRO Camper Trailer

Designed specifically for the lighter towing capacity of an SUV, QUATTRO is the latest innovation in forward folding campers. It offers all the features of the popular forward fold campers, as well as the ability to sleep up to four adults in comfort!

These deluxe camper trailers are designed for maximum comfort and durability. Features include a Queen-size innerspring bed, 2x adult single beds, 120l water tank, huge internal pantry and storage, and a whole lot more.

ModCon International FF1

Camper Trailers - ModCon FF1
ModCon International FF1 Camper Trailer

One of the quickest and easiest campers you'll ever set up, with an unbelievable amount of storage. At the head of its class of forward fold camper trailers, the FF1 is the result of ModCon's refined engineering expertise.

FF1 camper trailers are designed for quick setup and powerful off-road ability. Features include heavy-duty suspension, twin spare wheel holder, newly designed twin-seal lid, easy forward fold setup, and a host of modern conveniences.


Why Choose a Camper Trailer

Having trouble choosing between a camper trailer, a caravan, or the classic tent? Of course, all your camping options have some advantages and disadvantages. Our experience has shown that off-road camper trailers are the best choice for 4x4 camping and touring. They're a great balance between the versatility of a tent, and the price tag of a caravan!

Here's a quick look at how the heavy duty campers we sell, stack up against other common camping choices...

Campers Versus Tents

  • Ease of Use: Setting up your tent can be a major source of frustration, sometimes nearly impossible with one person. If you love the freedom of a tent but find setup to be a struggle, a camper trailer offers a much easier option.
  • Comfort & Protection: Camping in a tent can easily be ruined by bad weather or uneven ground. With a hard floor camper trailer, you benefit from being above ground and over a solid floor. A camper trailer makes it much harder for a little rain or gravel to ruin your holiday.
  • More than the Basics: A tent is the ultimate in affordable camping choices - but it probably doesn't come with an innerspring bed! If you want to go bush without leaving behind all the modern conveniences, a heavy-duty camper trailer might be the perfect answer.
  • Sturdy & Durable: A quality tent can last quite well, but the solid structure of a camper trailer means less reliance on canvas and ropes. The trailers we sell are built to last, and easy to clean thanks to their hard-floor design.

Campers versus Caravans

  • Travel Options: While caravans can offer the widest possible range of luxury features, they also place the most limitations on your destination. Most caravans are only suitable for on-road driving, and caravans that are off-road ready come at a premium price. A quality camper trailer is the much more affordable option for off-road touring. Perfect if you want to leave your options open for future adventures!
  • Size & Weight: Caravans are much heavier and more bulky than camper trailers. This means they require a higher towing capacity, and create more wind resistance while travelling. If you're concerned with fuel efficiency or towing capacity, a camper trailer will help you save on both.
  • Setup Time: While some camper trailers demand a lot of setup time, the ModCon campers we sell are designed for quick and easy set-up! Similar to low-profile "pop-top" caravans, these campers take only a few minutes to set up, and don't require heavy lifting or pulling.
  • Weatherproofing: While solid walls will always be the best defence against poor weather, a camper trailer can provide decent weather resistance at a much lower price point. Our campers are hard floor models, meaning that they provide elevated sleeping and living space over a solid base, rather than folding to the ground.

As you can see, an off-road camper trailer provides a great balance between price, comfort, size, and and ease-of-use. If you want to explore without boundaries, these heavy-duty campers are the perfect companion.

Genuine ModCon Quality

The most worthwhile journeys can often be the most demanding. If you're taking your camper off-road, you need to know that it will last. You need expert engineering, tough design and quality construction. That's why we trust ModCon camper trailers.

There are plenty of cheaper, low-quality camper trailers in today's market. However, not every "off road ready" camper is truly up to the task! Nothing will ruin your family camping holiday quicker than a weak hub or a shoddy brake drum! We've even seen low-quality campers rusting on the roadside, after failing at the worst moment.

At Offroad Tour King, we sell ModCon camper trailers because they don't compromise on quality. ModCon are one of the most respectable names in the business, an Australian company, and the creators of the original forward fold camper. They stake their reputation on the quality of their design, construction and materials.

The campers we have for sale have proven themselves over and again - and that's why we're confident that they'll do the same for you!

Make It Yours

As experienced off-road tourists, we know that "off the rack" and "off the road" don't always mix! We go all-out to help you create the perfect camper trailer. We'll help you find the right camper for your needs, add or remove features from your package, or make unique modifications to suit your own unique ideas.

Contact us to find out more about how we can customise your perfect offroad camper trailer. Our expertise and experience will deliver exactly what you need for years of camping and touring adventures!